Fat Metabolism

New Zealand Cassis and Improved Fat Metabolism

The World Health Organistion has noted that most of the world’s population lives in countries where overweight and obesity kills more people than underweight. Overweight and obesity are generally understood to be a consequence of the over consumption of food, resulting in the deposition of fat in the body at a rate that exceeds the body’s ability to metabolise the fat.

Thus, diet and the level of fat metabolising activity play significant roles in the management of weight and the development of obesity. A diet high in anthocyanins has been proposed as an effective weight management strategy

New Zealand Cassis and improved fat metabolism

  1. Animal model. Diet-induced obese mice fed daily with a diet containing 0.32% New Zealand Cassis extract had a significantly reduced body weight gain.
  2. New Zealand Cassis enhance fat oxidation during moderate cycling exercise. In this study by Liverpool John Moores University, England, the effect of a seven-day intake of 200mg of New Zealand Cassis anthocyanins per day was measured in 16 endurance-trained women during 120 minutes of moderate cycling.
    Results showed:

    • An average of 27% increase in fat oxidation (burning) with some participants showing increases of up to 55%.
    • Resulting improvements to fat burning proved equivalent to undertaking endurance exercise every day for three-four weeks.
    • Increased pre-exercise fatty acids and glycerol concentrations, suggesting that New Zealand Cassis improves resting fat oxidation rates.
    • Potential to deliver a greater degree of fat burning in overweight, obese, and unhealthy people.
  1. New Zealand Cassis extract improves fat oxidation in cyclists. In a similar study, 14 healthy men increased fat oxidation by 26% during 30 minutes of moderate exercise after a seven-day consumption of 105mg of New Zealand Cassis anthocyanins per day.

New Zealand Cassis is an important addition to any diet to promote fat oxidation and potentially manage weight.