Individually Quick Frozen (IQF)
New Zealand Blackcurrant

Versatile New Zealand Blackcurrant Frozen Fruit

New Zealand Blackcurrant IQF fruit is widely used in products requiring whole fruit such as fruit packs, jam, ice cream, yogurt, baked goods, pie fillings, and cake toppings.

New Zealand Blackcurrant IQF fruit can also be dried for use in muesli bars, breakfast cereals, and confectionery.

Production of New Zealand Blackcurrant IQF for Delicious and Nutritious Whole Fruit

New Zealand Blackcurrant are delivered to the factory immediately after harvest to be washed and individually frozen to -24oC in less than six minutes. Our use of modern quick-freezing technology allows us to preserve the high nutritional values of New Zealand Blackcurrant along with its freshness, flavor, and aroma. The latest IQF technology which the Co-op uses forms microscopic ice crystals in the fruit, allowing the fruit to return to their natural state when thawed.

Product Size

  • 500 kg wooden crate with a plastic food grade bag interior

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