Versatile and healthy

The New Zealand Blackcurrant Co-operative converts freshly harvested blackcurrants into high-quality, nutritional blackcurrant products in juice, frozen fruit (IQF) and puree forms. These products are used around the world by food and beverage manufacturers, chefs and food service providers.

The intense colour and flavour of New Zealand blackcurrants makes them ideal for use on their own or blended with other fruits, with the added bonus that they are exceptionally healthy. Blackcurrants are widely used in variety of foods and drinks, including: juices and other beverages, jams, preserves, bakery products, pie fillings, yoghurts, cereals, ice cream and confectionery.

All grower-suppliers comply with the New Zealand Blackcurrant Co-operative traceability programme and are passionate about supplying high-quality berries.

All our Products

  • Contain only New Zealand-grown blackcurrants.
  • Are free of all known allergens.
  • Are from GMO-free sources.
  • Are free from added sugar and preservatives.

New Zealand Blackcurrant varieties

  • The three main varieties currently grown here are Ben Ard, Ben Rua and Magnus. The New Zealand Blackcurrant Co-operative can provide blended or single-variety products.
  • New Zealand-grown Ben Ard contains higher levels of anthocyanins than all other commercially grown varieties available internationally. This is the preferred variety of health supplement and functional food applications.
  • New Zealand-grown Magnus has a more intense acid and flavour profile. It is ideally suited for FMCG foods and beverages and for commercial bakery-ingredient applications.
  • New Zealand-grown Ben Rua has a moderate flavour and lower acidity, making it popular for food service uses and retail fruit packs. Ben Rua has very high vitamin C and anthocyanin levels.
  • Unless otherwise requested, the New Zealand Blackcurrant Co-operative products are developed from a standardised blend to produce constant colour and flavour profiles.