The following system has been developed by the Co-operative to ensure quality and integrity for all customers.

1. Growers harvest fruit into bulk bins.

Each bin supplied to the NZBC has a certification card attached which states -

  • Grower
  • Block Name
  • Date of Harvest
  • Variety
  • Weight
  • Bin Number

2. Growers Have a Recording System

Growers have a recording system on farm that allows them to trace back from the bin number and variety to the area/orchard block that the fruit came from. Growers are also required to keep complete spray programme records that relate to those blocks.

3. Fruit is Fully Traceable

Fruit is fully traceable through to the final products based on these farmer records and information contained on product certification cards. Certification cards provide information on variety and grower. For IQF (indivudually quick frozen) products, fruit is packed separately for each grower and variety and details are recorded accordingly.

For juice concentrate, where multiple varieties from multiple growers make up any one batch (to ensure a consistent flavour and colour blend is maintained across all batches), bin numbers are recorded for each batch allowing identification of grower and variety.