Nutritional Composition of Blackcurrants

New Zealand blackcurrants are delicious and highly nutritious – our climate and geography, together with specially bred varieties combine to produce berries rich in colour and flavour and high in anthocyanins, antioxidants, and vitamin C.

Blackcurrants have often been labelled with the term ‘Superfood.’ When you compare their levels of health-giving bioactives with other fruits it is easy to see why.

Independent studies show:

  •  Blackcurrants contain more anthocyanins than any other commercially available fruit or vegetable.
  •  Blackcurrants have higher antioxidant activity than other berries and have more antioxidants than 24 common fruits tested by the same method.
  •  Blackcurrants have vitamin C levels higher than any other commercially available fruit or vegetable.

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