Kidney Health

Clinical trials with blackcurrants


The kidneys filter the blood to keep the composition of the blood stable by removing waste products and extra fluid from the blood to send to the bladder. Good kidney function is important for normal body function. 

 Kidney stones occur when substances within the urine precipitate and form solid material. Uric acid stones are kidney stones that occur when an excess amount of uric acid is present in the blood. This study showed that consumption of 330 ml blackcurrant juice daily for five days increased the:
- urinary pH
- excretion of citric acid
- excretion of oxalic acid

This observation suggests that regular blackcurrant consumption could reduce the likelihood of kidney stone development, as persistently low urinary pH is a significant factor for uric acid kidney stone formation.

Scientific Literature

1.Kessler, T., Jansen, B., Hesse, A. Effect of blackcurrant, cranberry and plum juice consumption on risk factors associated with kidney stone formation. EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF CLINICAL NUTRITION 2002, 56: 1020-1023.