Blackcurrant Juice Concentrate

The deep-purple colour and intense flavour of blackcurrant concentrate makes it popular for use in beverages, both on its own and combined with other fruits. Concentrate is widely used in blackcurrant cordial drinks, ready-to-drink juices, yoghurts, and many other foods and beverages and can be further processed for use in nutritional supplements.

Blackcurrant juice concentrate is manufactured from whole, ripe blackcurrants, either fresh or frozen. Concentrate is produced by pressing the fruit to produce single strength juice. The juice is then pasteurised, filtered and partially evaporated to form a concentrate of 65 Brix (a measure of natural sugar content). 

The blackcurrant aroma portion can be recombined with the juice concentrate or packed separately on request.


  • 200 litre steel drum, with multi-wall liner, average net weight 260 kg.
  • 20 litre plastic jerry can, average net weight 25 kg.

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