Individually Quick Frozen (IQF) Blackcurrants

IQF blackcurrant fruit is widely used in a range of products where whole fruit is required, such as retail fruit packs, jams, ice creams, yoghurts, and bakery products such as fruit pie fillings.

IQF blackcurrants are produced from freshly harvested, whole, ripe, fruit. The berries are washed, then individually frozen down to -25 degrees within 6 minutes, which ensures the freshness and the goodness of the fruit is locked in.

The result of using the latest IQF technology is exceptionally small ice crystal development in the berries, which provides better fruit integrity when thawed.

IQF blackcurrants are also dried to form freeze-dried blackcurrants, which are used in muesli bars, cereals and confectionery.


  • 15 kg carton, with plastic liner
  • Other pack sizes and formats are available on request.

For a detailed IQF specification, click here.