Blackcurrants Block Frozen

New Zealand blackcurrants are ripened to perfection and then block frozen in large format bins to retain their flavour, colour and goodness. Block frozen fruit is typically used when the high anthocyanin and high polyphenol content of blackcurrants are important for nutraceutical purposes. Block frozen blackcurrants are also ideal for bakery products with fruit fillings, delicious in jam, ice cream or wherever you need the distinctive, fresh flavour of New Zealand blackcurrants.

Block frozen blackcurrants can either be used on their own, further processed into functional foods and supplements, or in a wide range of processed products, such as jams, through to dairy-based products like ice cream and yoghurt. Blackcurrants also blend very well with other fruits such as apple or mixed berries to balance either the flavour or the colour of a product.


  • 450kg bins,with food grade plastic liner.

For a detailed specification for block frozen blackcurrants, click here.